Volunteer with Safebow

Safebow is a grassroots organization powered by passionate volunteers. Interested in volunteering? We’d love to welcome you on board our team. Read more below about the different roles on our team to see where you fit in!

As a Safebow volunteer you will gain access to a warm and welcoming community made up of lovely humans from around the world. No experience is necessary, as you will be offered training for your role, as well as plenty of resources to guide you. We know that getting involved in a war can be difficult to process, so we have regular mental health check-in sessions, and a mental health support team available for you as a volunteer. 

We work online from all over the world, using Discord as our centre of operations. 

But what we’re really proud of at Safebow is the diverse group of humans that we are; disabled, LGBTQ+, neurodivergent, BIPOC people across all ages and many nationalities make up the majority of our crew. You can expect to work with welcoming, understanding people with the same goal as you: to help everyone.

Sounds great! Tell me more about the volunteer roles!

Case Manager

As a case manager, you would become the primary point of contact for the people who have asked for help from Safebow. You would become part of a regional taskforce, so that you can get to know the resources available in your area, and collaborate with other case managers working in the same zones. Case managers usually work in pairs.

Most people ask for help with evacuating, so with the assistance of the research team, you would arrange transport, accommodation, food, or whatever other assistance might be necessary. We aim to help every person who comes to us, no matter their situation or needs, so sometimes creative thinking is needed!

A good role for problem solvers, and those with an empathetic understanding of the difficult situation that those who reach out to us for help are going through. 


As a researcher, you would assist in finding valuable resources that our case managers can use. We divide research into geographical areas or topics, so that you can become an expert in this area. This includes zones both in Ukraine, and outside of Ukraine where those who have left are headed. Great for anyone who prides themselves on being a bit of an internet sleuth, this will involve scouring Facebook groups, Twitter, and the news, with a keen eye to discern between genuine and fake information. This research is essential in keeping our team up to date on the latest movements in the war, alongside much-needed information on food, transport, and accommodation resources for those on the ground. 


As a translator, you would help the case managers and the researchers with any language understanding issues there might be. You could assist across a variety of tasks, whether that’s researching resources available in a specific language, or calling drivers, or to chat to cases who need to hear a friendly voice. 

The languages we need most are of course Ukrainian and Russian, but Polish, Romanian, French, German, and more are widely needed also. These languages are useful both when working to settle those who have left Ukraine abroad, alongside helping foreign nationals who are also in or trying to leave Ukraine. 

The majority of our work internally is conducted in English. 

Mental Health Professional

Are you a qualified mental health professional who would like to donate some time for people in need? By volunteering with us, you could offer support both to our cases and our volunteers. Case managers might reach out to you for help with a particularly difficult case, or for mental health support for themselves. You would also coordinate as a group to offer online mental health spaces. 

We welcome volunteering from all mental health professionals, but especially those with experience in trauma care, LGBTQ+ care, and BIPOC care, in all languages. 

Specialist volunteers

Have a particular skill set? Perhaps you’re a lawyer, a logistician, or know how to transport animals. We need you! This war has uncovered the diverse needs of an entire population, and our ethos of no person or pet left behind means we need all of the help we can get!

Ready to join us?

Partner your organisation with ours

If your organisation is interested in providing resources such as accommodation, transport, medications, legal, or other services that you think might benefit those evacuating Ukraine, please get in touch at contact@safebow.org with your proposal.