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The gender nonconforming model volunteering with a grassroots effort to get LGBTQ+ Ukrainians out of the country safely

More than 3 million Ukrainians have been displaced across Europe since the onset of Russia’s invasion and among them are countless LGBTQ+ individuals who have come up against unique roadblocks as they’ve tried to flee for safety.

IOM Germany talks to Safebow, a grassroots organization supporting vulnerable groups in Ukraine

“If you are a single mom, an elderly man with 60 cats, if you are disabled, a cancer patient, a Holocaust survivor, a third-country national, an international student, even if you’re a military-aged male in Ukraine—there is nobody that we won’t help,” says Simone Ledgard of Safebow—a collective of volunteers from around the world dedicated to helping the most vulnerable in Ukraine.

‘I will not be held prisoner’: the trans women turned back at Ukraine’s borders

Trans women are reportedly being denied passage to safer countries, despite their legal status as women and the danger posed by Russia’s transphobic policies.

This story also appeared in Elle Italy, La Diaria, Zyri, Ampa, TN, Helsingin Sanomat, L’Espresso.

Biden should speak out on trans people blocked from leaving Ukraine

Liana Georgi is an activist with Safebow, an organization that helps people from marginalized groups fleeing to safety from Ukraine. It was founded by gender non-conforming activist Rain Dove, and has been assisting with practicalities in helping people flee the Russian invasion.

Ukrainians in Glasgow to host demonstration in George Square

Guest speakers include Misha Hamilton, a volunteer with Safebow, an organization that aids evacuation from Ukraine, and Yevgen Gorash and Salvija Stonciute, Ukrainians in Glasgow.

Holocaust survivors have been fleeing Ukraine amid the Russian invasion: ‘Fears Crept Up Again’

An estimated 10,000 people who survived the Nazis’ genocide had been living in Ukraine before Russia attacked.

Grassroots groups help rescue Holocaust survivors in Ukraine

Since the shelling began to intensify in Kyiv and Kharkiv about a week ago, Julia Entin has been working feverishly — thousands of miles away in Los Angeles — to evacuate Holocaust survivors in Ukraine who find themselves trapped in yet another conflict.

This story also appeared in the Independent, Voz de America, and Telemundo.

‘You’re a Guy…Go to War’ — Fleeing Ukrainian trans woman turned back at border

Transgender individuals have been legally recognised in Ukraine since 2017, however, despite being allowed to change their legal gender, the Ukrainian border force has reportedly been carrying out their own physical gender inspections in order to determine if people will be permitted to flee the country or be banned from leaving the country under the martial law restrictions which require all Ukrainian men aged between 18 and 60 to stay and fight Russia.

Holocaust survivors rescued from Ukraine in ‘Operation Survivor’

Grassroots groups are working together to rescue Ukrainian Holocaust survivors. Valeriy Zharkovska began kissing the front door to his apartment. The 80-year-old Holocaust survivor was crying, and soon his daughter Inna burst into tears as well. After a failed attempt to leave days earlier, Zharkovska finally escaped Kharkiv, Ukraine with what was left of his family.

How LGBTQ+ refugees from Ukraine are highly vulnerable

They can fall through the cracks in standard humanitarian responses — but through social media, individuals and groups are finding ways to help

Activists and allies offer LGBTQ+ Ukrainian refugees a lifeline

While all people living through war face often extreme challenges and trauma, members of the LGBTQ+ community must contend with these problems as well as dealing with anti-gay discrimination and violence.