SAFEBOW is a grassroots organization aiding evacuation from Ukraine following the Russian invasion

Our team of global volunteers assist anyone in need to evacuate Ukraine, with a priority on those in the most at-risk war zones and members of marginalized groups.


Our Impact in Numbers


Individuals Helped


High Risk Border Crossings



I need help

We work directly with families and individuals to evacuate from Ukraine, prioritizing at risk populations, including on children, LGBT, BiPOC, elderly, and disabled individuals. Our mission is to provide the resources we can, and bring a voice to those who have been left behind.

On the ground resources

We are always in need of drivers within Ukraine; medical supplies; safe housing; combat gear for our volunteers; access to cars and buses for rescue operations; and local contacts. Our operations depend on a network of brave individuals on the ground in Ukraine and neighboring countries.

Support us!


We are entirely funded by crowdfunding donations. Your support makes it possible to provide transport, lodging, food, and medical supplies for a person in need, from the start of their journey, until they finally reach safety. We can’t do what we do without you!

Volunteer from anywhere

We are looking for passionate people to join our team as researchers, case managers, admin support, mental health supports, and translators. If you can offer special skills – legal council, humanitarian or tactical experience, for example – reach out!